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Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort Club Rules

At our home-away-from-home, our goal during your stay with us is for you to enjoy a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for all our guests. To that end, here are some guidelines to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable and safe stay while here on the property.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

This reservation is non-refundable. We do however offer you the ability to rebook within 1 year in case you are unable to complete you trip for any reason.

All-Inclusive Rates

Guests must pay the mandatory all-inclusive rate for each person based on your reservation type. All-inclusive charges have to be fully paid for the entire stay during the check-in process.

Proof of Identity

All guests (foreign and locals) are required to provide the hotel with valid photographic proof of identity and proof of address, such as a passport or identity card, as per current government regulations.


  • Royal Villas
  • Royal Suites
  • The Crown Suites
  • The Residence Suites
  • Presidential Suites

Check-in 3:00pm | Check-out 11:30am

  • The Tropical/Junior Suites
  • Cofresí Palm Beach & Spa Resort

Check-in 3:00pm | Check-out 1:00pm

Guests staying beyond check-out time without prior notice/agreement will be charged automatically for one additional day.

Extra charges, such as laundry services, telephone charges, etc., are to be promptly and fully paid during the check-out process.

Guests are to use their accommodations for the agreed-upon period according to the signed registration card. If the period of accommodations is not stipulated in advance, guests are to vacate the unit and check out by 11:30am / 1:00pm on the last day of their stay.

If a guest fails to do so, the hotel is entitled to bill the guest(s) for another day’s stay. In the event that the hotel has already reserved this accommodation beforehand and the guest fails to heed requests to vacate the room, or if the guest is not present in the resort, the hotel reserves the right--with a three-member committee in attendance--to catalogue the guests’ possessions and to store them in a safe place so that the accommodation can be used by the guests for whom it has been reserved.

Valuables, Cash, Documents

Safety deposit boxes can be rented at a marginal fee at the front desk. Please store all valuables in the safe located in your accommodation. The resort will not in any way be responsible for the loss of guests’ belongings that are left in the room but not stored in the provided safe, or left in public areas without surveillance. Please make sure that you close all doors properly when leaving the accommodation.


All visitors need to be registered at the front desk; please ask the front desk employees regarding rates for day or night passes.

Private/Rented Vehicles

If you enter the resort in a private/rented car, please keep in mind that the speed limit inside of the resort is 15 mph. Rented motorcycles are not permitted inside our resort. If you drive over the speed limit, we will ask you to immediately remove the vehicle from premises and you will need to park the vehicle outside of the resort. Additionally, there are many guests walking or driving golf carts, and we ask that you are courteous to these guests and vehicles by yielding to them at all times.

Topless Bathing

Please note that topless sunbathing is not common in the Dominican Republic, and therefore topless swimming or sunbathing is not permitted in our public areas, beaches, and pools.


Pets are not allowed. If you should see animals around the property, please do not touch or feed them.


The resort is committed to environmental conservation and its continuous improvement through the identification of the surrounding property’s needs and the active involvement in the solution of all problems encountered.

We Recognize the Impact of Our Presence on the Environment, As Well As Our Responsibility to Minimize Such an Impact through the Following

  • Norms and procedures implementation according to the prevailing environmental laws
  • Employ local labor as much as possible, including training our employees and creating consciousness in the community in order to improve and protect the environment
  • Emphasis on water and energy savings by monitoring and implementing advanced technology
  • Minimize the volume of solid, liquid, and gas waste to prevent pollution
  • Chemical use controlled to minimize its impact on the environment
  • Coordinate the purchasing of environmentally low-impact products
  • Invite our guests to get to know and get involved with our environmental program

We Appreciate All Help in Protecting Our Environment

  • Saving electricity by turning off the lights when not needed
  • Turning off the A/C while not in the room
  • If possible, by using only one pool towel per day
  • Please place the “change my sheets” card when you want your sheets to be changed
  • Please leave your dirty towels on the floor and hang up the towels you want to reuse
  • Guests may not move furnishings or interfere with the electrical network or any other installations in the accommodation or on the premises of the resort without the consent of the hotel management
  • For security reasons, it is not appropriate to leave children under 10 years of age without adult supervision in the accommodation or other areas on the resort premises
  • Guests are obliged to pay for any damages they cause
  • Smoking is not allowed in non-smoking rooms or areas
  • Do not climb on/over patio/balcony railings, or on/outside any windows
  • Any abusive behavior or actions deemed unacceptable by the Management of the resort may result in your immediate removal from the property without refund
  • We are in the tropics; therefore please remember to close doors and windows in order to avoid mosquitoes and/or other insects from entering your accommodation. Please do not store food, especially open items, outside of the fridge
  • In order to preserve harmony in our resort and ensure that all our guests are able to enjoy their vacation, we kindly remind you that loud music, etc. after 11:00pm is not allowed. In the possible case that you should have a special event or occasion, and you expect that the party will last longer than 11:00pm, please make sure that you inform the management in advance in order to take appropriate action and inform the guests in your surrounding area
  • For safety and hygienic reasons, food cannot be taken out of the restaurants by our guests
  • We ask that you remember that you are sharing this facility with other guests also trying to enjoy their vacation, as such, loud, overbearing noise or actions that disturb others is not allowed
  • We thank you for choosing Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort and wish you the best vacation ever!

Rentals & Accommodations

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